Griffon Vulture went for a stroll in… Sliven

Griffon Vulture went for a stroll in… Sliven

The signals for a Griffon Vulture started on September 18th when some 7-8 citizens called having seen the bird walking in the town of Sliven. Griffon Vulture is quite a large bird, with a wingspan of over 2 meters and this is even marked with yellow wing tags with black inscription K4J, which made it even easier to spot.

We immediately contacted out colleagues from the Sinite kamani Nature Park Directorate, who managed to locate the bird, but it was flying so they only managed to capture it on September 20th. The vulture was weak but had no obvious injuries or fractures and was immediately transported to the Wildlife Rescue Centre at Green Balkans in Stara Zagora. Here our vets will take care of it and we will keep you posted.

The wing tag K4J helped us identify the bird – a vulture arrived to Bulgaria from France in May 2012 and accommodated in the vulture adaptation aviary currently maintained within the Vultures Back to LIFE14 NAT/BG/649 Project in the area of the Sinite kamani NP. It seems that the poor weather has forced the bird to enter the city and then the stress, the buildings, people and cars have made it impossible for it to take off and get back to the mountains. This is not the first such case, after Liubka the vulture and several other birds, surprised by poor weather and fog. We hope that K4J will quickly recover so we can release him back into the wild!

While you, friends, watch out as you never know when can you spot a vulture in need of help!

In case you have seen a vulture in distress, please contact: Elena Stoeva: +359 887574699