Herons and other waterfowl “landed” for a while in the Rescue Centre

Herons and other waterfowl “landed” for a while in the Rescue Centre

Sometimes exhausted birds just fall off over settlements, out of strength and are left in a weird place at the surprise of the local people which have not seen such animals. This is what happened to several herons, which unexpectedly “landed” in the Wildlife Rescue Centre, sent by worried citizens and colleagues who found them at strange places.

A young Bittern arrived from Sofia, found on the roof of a building in construction. A second youngster was sent by our colleagues from RIEW – Vratsa. The latter had been wandering in the centre of Vratsa for days. Another surprise came from the Balkan Mountains, where a Purple Heron landed in a village near the Bulgarka Nature Park and astonished everyone with its spirit, turning into a real challenge to catch. The sharp beak of herons and their long neck provide them with fair protection. Recently a lovely gentle Laughing Gull joined the company of the herons.

Everything the waterfowl needed was treatment against parasites, some vitamins and rich food. Several days of care and the world looked like a better place. Immediately after the positive effect was seen, the whole company was released at a suitable site, so each of them can proceed on their way. Especially the herons should hurry up to join a migrating flock as it is already quite late. The gull will stay here as it does not typically migrate, but it also needs to choose a suitable wetland to winter.

This happiness could not reach a young Sandwich Tern from the Lake of Pomorie, found by our colleagues with its leg trapped. Despite the immediate reaction, the fracture was so severe, the leg had no chance to recover. In addition to that, the inflammation spread too quickly and the delicate organism of the tern could not cope with it. Unfortunately this story had a fatal ending and we had to admit we cannot help all the animals. There are things simply beyond control!

Gratitude to the people, who care and have adequately reacted in time, so the birds in distress found help. This is the least we can do for these creatures, considering the threats humans are posing to them!

Liubomila Krivoshieva
Wildlife Rehabilitator
Wildlife Rescue Centre
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