Green Balkans’ logo is an image of Horse Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) leaf and fruit.

The Horse Chestnut is an endemic species that is found on the Balkan Peninsula only.

Upon the establishment of the Organization, the chestnut was chosen among many other emblematic species (such as Brown Bear, Anthemis rumelica etc.) as a sign, which is a strong and easily recognizable symbol. At the same time, the Chestnut is an expression of the idea that inspired the establishment of the Organization – namely, preserving the biodiversity in Bulgaria and the Balkans. This logo was proposed by Hristo Nikolov, and once it was adopted it was put on the banners and the correspondence of the Organization. The first graphic images were developed by Plamen Peev and Tanyo Markov and the final one by Lyubomir Andreev.

The Horse Chestnut is a tree reaching height of 30 m and diameter of about 1 m. Its natural distribution area is Albania, Greece, andYugoslavia, occurring at an altitude between 1000 and 1300 meters (it is cultivated in almost every part of Europe, mainly as a decorative plant in parks and gardens).

There is only one relict habitat of this species preserved in Bulgaria – in the Dervisha Reserve.

Here, you can see the “history” of our logo:

The logo is the Organization’s registered mark and it cannot be used without Green Balkans’ explicit permission.
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