Mondays at the Library

Mondays at the Library

Once again we gathered with the children at the ‘Zaharii Knyazhevski’ Regional Library for our weekly Mondays at the Library. This time we created our own bird feeders!

After last week, when we made bird houses, the ‘Natura 2000 in Bulgaria – New Horizons’ project team decided to teach the curious children how to make bird feeders for their new friends. We wanted to enjoy the summer weather so we moved our activities outside the library, in the gazebo at the Avgusta Trayana Antique Forum opposite the library.

The children were very enthusiastic to create their own bird feeders, we talked where and when we should put our feeders for the small birds and what we should put inside to feed them during winter. We listened to their stories and even had time to see some magic tricks afterwards :)

Join us in our fun activities next time!

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