Winter fairy tale in the Wildlife Rescue Center


On February 7th, the Rescue Center met the dawn covered with snow. The unusually thick (20 cm plus) snow cover in Stara Zagora turned the Rescue Center yard into a snowy stage, where our patients toured in groups by species, waiting for the food.

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Observation of rare species in Plovdiv


Just after a day we have celebrated the World Wetlands Day (2 February), members of Green Balkans NGO observed a juvenile White-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) hunting literally in the centre of Plovdiv.

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Celebrating the Wetland Day


The International Wetland Day was celebrated on February 2nd, on the Maritsa river bank. The action, organized by Green Balkans’ volunteers, aimed at raising the public awareness of the significance and problems related to the conservation of these important habitats.

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Planned amendments to the Law on Gatherings, Meetings and Manifestations contradicting the Constitution


The Bill for amendments to the Law on Gatherings, Meetings and Manifestation adopted at the second reading contradicts the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria and the European juridical practices for legal protection of human rights. Despite the fact that the final version of the Bill was not duly published, NGOs on behalf of “For the Nature” Coalition and “Bulgaria is ours” bloggers’ movement reacted with an open letter to the President Georgi Parvanov asking for a veto.

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MOEW repealed a Decision by the Director of the RIEW-Haskovo for the construction of a wind farm


At the beginning of the year the Ministry of Environment and Water repealed a decision by the Director of the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water in Haskovo concerning the construction of a 20-turbine wind farm in the area of the villages of Pelin, Polkovnikzhelyazovo, Rogach, and Kachulka, situated in Krumovgrad Municipality, Haskovo District in the territory of the Eastern Rhodopes.

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Tame birds become easy victims to hunters


Recently, we have witnessed again the phenomenon, which hunters call "resettlement of useful game". This resettlement is done recurrently by the hunting farms to support hunters. Thus, the latter could get easy access to feathered game meat and have a reason to boast.

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