The vultures Pierre and Jovan visit the feeding sites in Sliven and Kotel


An announcement from our correspondents from Sliven and Kotel:
One of the five juvenile Griffon vultures hatched this year in Kotel visits the feeding site in Sliven! This is a huge event for us, because after they fletch, we don’t always know what happens with the young birds. The fact that it visits the feeding site which is 15 kilometers away from Sliven is a sign that the bird already flies around and manages to find food!

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Green Belt Day in Levka village


The event was visited by approximately forty people. Many volunteers, Green Balkans’ staff, and the “Lesser Kestrel Recovery” LIFE11 NAT/BG/360 project team participated in the preparation of the event.

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Green Belt Day „Exhibition in a Barn”


The Green Belt day – 24.09.2016, will be marked for the first time in Levka village (Svilengrad municipality) by the opening of an exhibition that includes different specimens of fine art. The place was chosen in random! 

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New vulture flied to Bulgaria on the wings of Lufthansa ;))


Bulgarian nature now has another one vulture – donation from the zoo Allwetterzoo, Münster, Germany. This is the seventh Griffon vulture, hatched in the zoo, which we receive for the Griffon vulture reintroduction program in Bulgaria since 2011. One of these birds, after it was released, flied all the way to the Griffon vultures` colony in Dadia, Northern Greece, but unfortunately died and we couldn`t even understand the reasons.

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Who are the godparents of the Bulgarian vultures from Stara planina and Pirin – learn more here…


Dear friends, as stated a few days ago, the teams of Green Balkans, the Wild Flora and Fauna Fund and BPPS may praise ourselves that, after 15 years of hard work we can consider that Griffon Vulture has been restored in the Balkan Montains of Bulgaria and Kresna (Pirin). We can say this as there are 25 nesting pairs and 11 young reared in the three target areas – Vrachanski Balkan, Kotel (Sliven), and Kresna (Pirin). For this international event our vultures received the names of 10 distinguished naturalists from all over Europe, with a great contribution to vulture protection. Who are they? For more information, visit:

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