The “Big Return” exhibition – opening April 22 18:30, Regional Natural-history museum Plovdiv


During one month Plovdiv’s guests and residents will be able to visit the exposition co-organized by Green Balkans, Organizational committee of the First national conference for reintroduction of conservational important species in Bulgaria and the Natural-history museum Plovdiv. Green Balkans is working on series of project to reintroduce the Lesser Kestrel, vultures, and seeker falcons, an important part is supported by the EU’s LIFE program.

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Spring migration


We are happy to announce that in the past month the spring migration of birds nesting at Pomorie Lake is rather intensive. First Sandwich terns (Sterna sandvicensis) that are flagship species for the lagoon arrived about a month ago and in past two weeks a flock of avocets (Recurvirostra avosetta) has joined them as well as single individuals of rarer species like Slender-billed Gull (Chroicocephalus genei).

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