11 Griffon vultures were tagged with transmitters, learn more about the travels of Alexis the vulture


The unique story of the Griffon vulture K4N, the environmentalists and the windfarms near the Black sea.


The Griffon vulture K4N, which was released on September 14th 2017 from the adaptation aviary in “Sinite kamani” Nature park” within the “New life for the vultures LIFE14 NAT/BG/649” project, spent three months in the summer in Eastern Bulgaria. Before the bird was released it was marked with satellite transmitter and regular moniotoring of its movement was made.

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News about the nesting vultures in “Vrachanski Balkan” Nature park


In the period January-August 2017 the total amount of Griffon vultures in the region each month has been about 40-50 birds. Certainly there were 13 pairs in total, 8 of them have successfully raised a young. Just like in 2016, the vultures were nesting in two regions – in the northern parts (6 pairs) and in the eastern parts of the park (2 pairs). The first chicks left their nests in the end of July 2017 and by August 2017 all the young vultures have already left the 8 nests in Vrachanski balkan Nature park.

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