Public campains

As a public organization, Green Balkans has been organizing and taking part in lots of public nature-conservation campaigns.
These campaigns aim at solving various problems related to the shortsighted policy, imperfection of legislation, violations, etc. They are targeting the general public in order to involve the civil society and the institutions in the process of solving particular problems.
For its 20 years of existence, Green Balkans has organized and managed more than 300 public campaigns and actions, fighting against environmentally unfriendly governmental or local municipal decisions, practices, and policies. The results of these campaigns are some of the Organization’s most significant achievements.
Almost all public campaigns implemented by Green Balkans have been organized with the voluntary efforts of the Organization’s members, while the achievements resulted from the broad public support, civil activeness, and strong public pressure on decision making institutions.

- 300 campaigns and actions have been implemented, 80 of which of national significance;
- 160 texts proposed by Green Balkans’ experts have been included in Bulgaria’s new nature conservation legislation;
- the Convention on Biological Diversity has been ratified by the Bulgarian Government;
- 25 environmentally unfriendly political and municipal decisions have been repealed;
- four lawsuits were initiated, two of which have been won;
- more than 350 signals received from citizens about poaching, violations, and corruption within the forest and environment protection sectors, and investigated by Green Balkans’ experts;
- 180 cases of poaching, illegal felling, and hunting, improper privatization of forest companies, swaps, corruption practices, etc. have been referred to the Prosecutor’s Office and the responsible institutions.

Some of the major campaigns organized by Green Balkans: