Pomorie Lake inhabitants need Your support

Pomorie Lake inhabitants need Your support

Hello friends!

The small feathered inhabitants of Pomorie Lake need Your help!

The constructed artificial facilities in Pomorie Lake are nesting habitats and resting places for a number of rare and protected species, such as Pied Avocet (Recurvirostra avosetta), Black-winged Stilt (Himantopus himantopus) and Little Tern (Sterna albifrons). The largest colony of Sandwich Tern (Thalasseus sandvicensis) on the Balkan Peninsula is also located here - a globally endangered species listed in the Red Book of Bulgaria, that this year reached over 2,200 pairs!

To keep the birds’ home in the lake cozy for the spring, each fall we replace the worn out boards and beams that strengthen the artificial island and the platforms, we fill up with the appropriate substrate, and we clear away the invasive vegetation from the islands.

This year, the Green Balkans team and volunteers are already prepared for action, but what is left to do is gather the construction materials.

For this reason we ask for help anyone who is willing to support us and become part of a good deed for the nature!
* The summer conservation camp will be held between 4 - 7 September.
* To strengthen the facilities we will need:

• shuttering boards 10 pcs. (5 m) and 3 pcs. (4 m) - necessary to strengthen the artificial island on which the colony of Sandwich Terns nests;
• 20 pieces of wooden beams (6 cm x 5 cm x 3 m) - needed to strengthen the platforms;
• 3 m3 felt - for filling the artificial island.
How you can help:

• if You run a construction company and want to donate materials; or
• if You are able to assist in the transportation of materials..
Contact us via e-mail at or phone: +359 882508721 - Polina Hristova, Communications Specialist

• if You want to donate money to buy the materials:

You can do this at any bank. The Green Balkans account is at UniCredit Bulbank - Plovdiv branch.

The Green Balkans bank account is:
(in BGN) IBAN: BG03UNCR70001523366198
(in EUR) IBAN: BG85UNCR70001523212626


UniCredit Bulbank - Plovdiv Branch
Address: Plovdiv 4000, 4 Ivan Vazov Str., phone: 601-601

Account Holder: NGO Green Balkans 

Explore the beauty of Pomorie Lake in the following video:

More information about Pomorie Lake and Green Balkans' activities:

Pomorie Lake is a ultrasaline natural lagoon located north of the town of Pomorie. High salinity (more than twice as high as the Black Sea) has created a unique environment to which various plant and animal organisms have adapted. The biggest advantage of the area is its ornithological diversity - it is located on the second largest migratory route of the birds, Via Pontica. Here, over 270 bird species can be observed throughout the year - nesting, migrating and hibernating.

* Conservation status of Pomorie Lake: The wetland and its adjacent territories form a unique system of species, habitats and landscape, protected by national and international environmental legislation:
• Pomorie Lake Protected Area (2001).
• Ramsar site (since 2004 the lake is included in the list of wetlands of international importance).
• Ornithologically important place (1998).
• Pomorie Lake Protected Area (2007) under Directive 79/409/EEC for birds.
• Pomorie Protected Area (2007) under the Habitats Directive 92/43/EEC.
In order to preserve this natural wealth, over the years the Green Balkans team, along with volunteers, have carried out a number of conservation activities, the aim being to create and maintain breeding and resting habitat for of aquatic bird species that are to be preserved in the protected site and the NATURA 2000 areas.
As a result of the strong anthropogenic pressure in the area, Sandwich Tern is brought to the brink of extinction and in 1996. When colony restoration activities began, there were only six breeding pairs left. Thanks to the restored island habitat, the colony numbers over 2,200 pairs today, making it the largest one on the whole Balkan Peninsula! Read more about the 2019 species diversity in the lake HERE.

For additional questions with regard to the summer conservation camp:
Polina Hristova
Communication Specialist  
Phone: +359 882508721
The activities are carried out within the framework of the project: