Preparation of the Bulgarian NATURA 2000 network of protected zones

Development of capacity for Natura 2000 management plans in Bulgaria

Annual budget of the CITES Rescue Center – Stara Zagora 2007-2008

Monitoring bat biodiversity: indicators of sustainable development in Eastern Europe

European values and environment

Public support for sustainable development

Let’s save the last habitats of Herons and Pygmy Cormorants in South Bulgaria

Conservation of the Globally Threatened Species Imperial Eagle in Bulgaria

Activates against poaching in wetlands in Bulgaria

Developing a Plan for the restoration and protection of the Ship Sturgeon (Acipenser nudiventris) in Bulgaria

Action conservation plan for Sokolotza River – Green corridor

Development of Wildlife Rescue Center for injured Red Breasted Geese

Restoring the balance: linking wetland restoration to agricultural and rural development to recover the wetlands in the Lower Danube Green Corridor

Natura 2000 in Bulgaria – goals, opportunities, and challenges

Developing a program and an Action Plan for conservation, restoration, and sustainable management of the biological and landscape diversity in the territory of Nova Zagora Municipality

Public control in the observance of the Forest Act and protection of areas of high biological diversity

Civil Society Protecting the Protected Areas in Bulgaria

Action Plan for biological and landscape diversity conservation

Long-term conservation of the population of the globally threatened Red-breasted goose in its main wintering sites in the world