Conservation of the Globally Threatened Species Imperial Eagle in Bulgaria

European values and environment

Movie - The Bulgarian forest – now, but what about tomorrow?”

Management Plan for “Zlato Pole” Protected Site

Last chance for the last heron colonies in the interior of Bulgaria

Preparation of the Bulgarian Natura 2000 network of protected zones

Conservation of the Globally Threatened Species Imperial Eagle in Bulgaria

Annual budget of the CITES Rescue Center – Stara Zagora

Manage complete remodel of exciting building into official CITES Rescue Center funded by Ministry of Environment and Waters of Bulgaria

Upgrade of Green Balkans Wildlife Rehabilitation Center’s Environmental Education Capacity

Program for Conservation of the Biological and Landscape Diversity of the Maritsa Municipality

Conservation, Restoration and Management of the Pomoriisko Lake

Development of the Civil Society in the Border Areas through Establishment of a NGO Advocacy Network

Assessment on the National Nature Conservation Policy in the Context of the Joining of Bulgaria in the EU and the Willingness for the Reaching of the Goal 2010

Our future - our choice

Partnership against illegal hunting and trade in protected species

Conservation of the globally significant biodiversity of the landscape in the Bulgarian part of the Rhodope Mountains

Civil society in action against violations and poaching in forests

Our future - our choice

Long-term conservation of the population of the globally threatened Red-breasted goose in its main wintering sites in the worldLong