Investigation of Corruption Practices in the Forestry Administration

Mobilizing Youth Dialogue: Environmental Education in Action

Conservation-restoration activities in the Pomorie Lake as a Ramsar site for the restoration of the sandwich terns habitats.

Orphans adopt orphans

Balkan Green Belt - reviving the Balkan Green Belt initiative

Terms of Reference for Provision of Services – Biodiversity CHM NGO Node

On the Road to Kyiv - Assessment of the development of state policies in the field of biodiversity conservation as a result of the Environment for Europe process

Green borders

Conservation of the Black vulture

Conservation of the Imperial Eagle

Public support for the reform in nature conservation legislation

NGO participation in the preparation of the Biodiversity Act

Terms of Reference Surveys of the existing laws and policies that are relevant for “landscape approach” planning and management in the Western and Eastern Rhodopes

Local Capacity Building and Awareness Raising for the Implementation of the Lower Danube Green Corridor in Bulgaria and Romania

Support for the Reform in Nature Conservation Legislation

Programme for job creation and restoraiton of natural environment - Maritsa ecological park

Supporting the infrastructure of the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Center – Stara Zagora

Working programme for providing scientific-methodical and practical assistance in limiting the overgrowing inside a water supply canal in AEC

Conservation of the Imperial Eagle

Conservation of the Black vulture in Bulgaria