Save Rila Campaign

The Campaign was initiated by Citizens for Rila Civic Group and aims at preventing the construction of ski runs and resorts within the Rila National Park as well as preventing the illegal construction taking place there.

Cyanide-free Bulgaria Campaign and Coalition

The Coalition unites 18 Bulgarian nature conservation organizations and works for the imposing of a ban on the use of cyanides for the extraction of precious metals in Bulgaria.

Save Irakli Campaign

initiated by a group of citizens, self-organized in defense of one of the last preserved sites along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. The citizens from Save Irakli group have been actively involved in almost all actions in protection of Bulgarian nature in the past years, as their activities have been supported by the nature conservation organizations including Green Balkans.
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Campaign against the uncontrolled construction of micro Water Power Plants

the campaign unites the efforts of several NGOs against the uncontrolled construction of hundreds of micro WPP, endangering the alpine rivers of Bulgaria.

Campaign against the uncontrolled construction of wind generators

uniting the efforts of several Bulgarian NGOs. The goal is to discontinue the practice of constructing wind generators along bird migratory routes or close to areas of great significance for rare bird species, such as the Imperial eagle.

GMO-free Bulgaria Campaign and Coalition

initiated by the AGROLINK Society and supported by other NGOs.

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