Rescue Action of Dalmatian Pelican - the movie.

Rescue Action of Dalmatian Pelican - the movie.

At the end of the last year, the Green Balkans Wildlife Rescue Centre's team held a Dalmatian Pelican rescue operation at Rozov Kladenets.

How did this happen? After receiving a signal, our team went to the site as soon as possible. Thanks to the assistance of employees of the NEK EAD ‘Dams and Cascades Rozov Kladenets’, who provided a boat and safety equipment for the participants in the action, the pelican was captured and later taken to the Rescue Centre for treatment.

Unfortunately, because of an old wound, one of the bird's wings had to be removed! In this important endeavor, again the students of veterinary medicine from Trakia University came to the aid and assisted our doctors.

Fortunately, the postoperative recovery went smoothly and the pelican was moved to the pool yard. There he found friends in the face of the two Great White Pelicans Philip and Gruyo.

The whole story was captured in a movie, thanks to the efforts of our volunteers - Yana Andonova, Ivan Prokopiev, and Miglena Mihneva.