Species conservation

Conservation of rare species or species threatened with extinction is one of Green Balkans’ main priorities. Our work aims at:

  • implementing direct conservation activities for the protection of species;
  • reducing the limiting factors that cause extinction or decrease of populations;
  • securing the conservation of species’ habitats;
  • implementing monitoring of the populations of rare species;
  • developing Plans and Strategies for the conservation of species;
  • improving the legislation related to conservation of species;
  • building capacities for biodiversity conservation and research;
  • supporting the control exerted by the responsible institutions over the threats caused by various infringements;
  • implementing education and information activities, aimed at raising the environmental awareness of the public and providing support for nature conservation.

Conservation of rare bird species is the priority of our work. This is due to the fact that most of the threatened species are birds and many of the specialists in the Organization are ornithologists. In this regard, Green Balkans has been implementing long-term conservation programs for the following species:


find out MORE about vulture species and Green Balkans’ vulture conservation program.

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Imperial eagle

once widely distributed, today the Imperial Eagle is threatened with extinction. The persistent and hard work in recent years inspires hope that the species will be saved.

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Saker falcon

at present there is no known breeding pair in the country. Find out MORE about the launched initiatives for the conservation of this magnificent bird.

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Red-breasted goose

a globally threatened species, for the survival of which Bulgaria is of critical significance. Find out MORE about our activities related to this species.

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Pygmy cormorant

a globally threatened species of “bad” image. Find out MORE about the Pygmy Cormorant and what we do to preserve it.

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the destruction of wetlands and habitats of Herons threatens the 9 heron species found in Bulgaria. Find out MORE about Herons and Egrets and our related activities.

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White stork

one of the species “close to people’s hearts”; however, it also needs special protection. Find out MORE about our work related to the White Stork.

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Terns, Plovers, and other waterfowl species

Many of these birds are threatened and their colonies have suffered severe decline. Destruction of habitats, construction works along the sea coast, intense urbanization and growing tourist flows, draining of wetlands and changes in river beds threaten the survival of these typical inhabitants of the wetlands.

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Besides birds, there are threatened fish species as well. Find out more about our activities for the conservation of threatened fish species.

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bats are mammals holding a key position in the eco-systems. Yet, the populations of many bat species are either declining or threatened. Find out MORE about bat species found in Bulgaria and our efforts to protect them.

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a rare and extremely charismatic species that easily wins people’s sympathy. However, this does not mean that people do not threaten the species’ survival. Find out  about the Otter and how we contribute to its conservation

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