Structure & management


Structure & management

Green Balkans is a nature conservation organization, structured as a federation. It involves several legal entities – “non-profit societies”, such as “Green Balkans” (the society in Plovdiv), “Green Balkans – Stara Zagora”, “Green Balkans – Pomorie”, and “Green Balkans – Russe”.

The Organization’s head office is situated in the town of Plovdiv. In addition, there are representative offices in the towns of Stara Zagora, Sofia, and Burgas. The only Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Center in the country is a part of the activity of the Organization in Stara Zagora.

Green Balkans has 25 correspondent centers – informal groups throughout the country, which give us assistance in our activities.

According to Green Balkans’ Statutes, the “General Assembly” is the supreme managing body of the Societies.

The Societies have Managing Boards that are elected at the meetings of the General Assemblies according to the principles set out in the Statutes. The Managing Boards elect their Chairpersons.

The Managing Boards are the operational bodies managing the Societies’ activity in accordance with the goals and the Statutes. The various areas of activity of the Organization are managed by Directors and officers (for example, Director of Nature Conservation, Natural Resource Management Officer, Director of Development, Director of Finance, etc.), which are elected by the Managing Board.

Each department has employees, directly managed by the person in charge of the relevant area of activity.

The employees, with the invaluable support of the volunteers, are responsible for the direct implementation of the activities in the particular area.