Students, interns, in help of the Egyptian vultures

Students, interns, in help of the Egyptian vultures

The activities carried out this year within the 'Student Internships - Phase 2' project of the Ministry of Education and Science in the Green Balkans Rescue Centre are already a fact! Dozens of future veterinarians from the Trakia University chose the Rescue Center. Some of them have already started coming and are actively involved in the work at the clinic and in the field.

For example, last week, trainees at the Center fed the Egyptian vultures in the Provadia area. As you may already know, for years there, the Green Balkans team, together with our BSPB colleagues, is caring for a total of three pairs of this rare species.

We do regular feedings and aim to help the birds in their efforts to find food and raise their offspring. On the other hand, our visits relate to meetings with representatives of the local community - breeders, veterinarians, mayors, and deputy mayors. We tell them about our work and seek assistance in resolving various situations in the process of our work.

At the same time, we used our presence there to get the photo traps set up on one of the feeding sites. See what shots they captured!
The 'Conservation of the Egyptian Vulture in the Balkans' project activity is funded by the Municipality of Prague and the Prague Zoo.