Sustainable development

The sustainable development is a development with sustainable rate in time yet preserving the natural resources and values for the coming generations. The adoption of that approach and the strive for sustainable development practically guarantee the conservation of biodiversity, which is our main goal.
Therefore, part of our efforts is directed towards promoting the sustainable development in various parts of the country, adopting and implementing environmentally friendly agricultural practices, tourism, etc.

Achieving sustainable development is on objective of every Green Balkans’ project. In addition, there are two international and six national projects that are especially focused on this particular aspect. These include:
- “Combining sustainable development and natural resource conservation in the Danube River basin”
- “Supporting the sustainable development of Central and Eastern Europe” – funded by the EU PHARE–Partnership Program;
- Two projects on “Establishment of the Western Rhodope Nature Park – developing a proposal and assessing the possibilities for sustainable management of the natural resources”;
- “Studying the conditions for creating employment opportunities in environmentally friendly economic activities for the municipalities along the Maritsa River” – funded by the National Employment Service;
- “Pomorie Lake – conservation, restoration and sustainable management” Project, funded by GEF and the World Bank;

Our work in the following areas of activity is also directly related to sustainable development:
- capacity building – organizing trainings and consultations of representatives of various local authorities, newly established NGOs, etc.;
- sustainable management of natural resources – preventing short-sighted policies and infringements, related to destruction of forests, exploitation of inert materials, extraction of ores and construction of quarries;
- legislation and policies – improving the legislation, designing municipal and district strategies related to biodiversity conservation, preparing programs and plans for sustainable regional development.

- numerous trainings and consultations on sustainable development have been carried out, involving local authorities and organizations;
- projects focused on sustainable development have been implemented in the areas of the Danube, the Western Rhodopes, and the Maritsa River;
- publications on the topic have been issued and disseminated;
- three municipal programs for environment protection have been prepared, in particular the parts concerning biodiversity and landscape conservation (for the municipalities of Assenovgrad, Maritsa and Nova Zagora).