The German Environmental Award –Green Belt and pioneer technology

The German Environmental Award –Green Belt and pioneer technology

The last Sunday of October was the official event for the German Environmental Awards organized by the German Environmental Foundation (DBU - Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt).

Our special envoy from the venue - Aneliya Pavlova, briefly told about the exciting event: “This year, environmental awards were shared by three of the founders of the Green Belt project (Inge Sielmann, Dr. Kai Frobel, Hubert Weiger) and two of the owners of private company OSWALD Elektromotoren (Bernhard and Johannes Oswald), who created a unique energy-efficient electric motor.” Posthumously former Foreign Minister of Marshall Islands - Tony de Brom was awarded. The president of Germany – Frank-Walter Steinmeier gave the awards to the winners. The event was attended by about 1,200 guests who were spectators at the magnificent ceremony. "

Green Balkans congratulates the environmentalists! We hope we have contributed and even promote the initiative Green Belt Day in Bulgaria, which we celebrate every year!

Aneliya Pavlova