The International Bat Night in Plovdiv

The International Bat Night in Plovdiv

On Friday, despite the restrictive conditions, in Plovdiv the biggest bats fans attended our information campaign about the International Bat Night in the Tsar Simeon’s Garden.

This year the organizers from Green Balkans were joined by the “Ecology and Waste Management” Directorate, Plovdiv Municipality, represented by its Director - Mrs. Vyara Koleva, our colleague - Miloslava Mihailova, PR of the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water - Plovdiv, Ivaylo Iliev from East Aegean River Basin Directorate Plovdiv, our friends from Caving Club “Djendema” in Plovdiv, who demonstrated techniques in cave exploring, Speleo Club "Paldin" - with a presentation about bats and caves.

The official start of the event was given at 16h when each of the co-organizers shared and encouraged the audience to preserve our country’s biological diversity. The Green Balkans team presented a photography exhibition of bats and several banners with information on the importance of the unique flying mammals. At the same time, visitors could join activities in the art ateliers or learn more about the cavers through their demonstration of ropes and equipment.
We also held a public reading of the children's book about Darki the bat, a presentation with interesting facts about bats and the ecological network of protected areas - Natura 2000. The cavers presented interesting information about caves and finally we finished with the culmination - eavesdropping on bats with an ultrasonic detector. Fortunately, the weather was mild and there were enough insects in the evening which means that bats were also active hunting so they can store enough energy before hibernation. We were able to observe and listen to the sounds of at least 20 bats that inhabit the city garden of Plovdiv!

There are 33 species of bats in Bulgaria from a total of 35 in the whole of Europe, and they play a vital role for ecosystems.  All of them are protected by the Biodiversity Act, and the forest and underground habitats of the species are protected areas within the Natura 2000 ecological network.

We are glad that such events bring together people, nature-lovers, whom we meet with and combine our efforts together for future conservation and information activities.

This time the campaign focus was on the Corona virus and bats - our goal is to tell more people that bats are not to blame for Covid-19. That’s why we made the following clip together with our partners:

Additional information about the International Bat Night:

The initiative to celebrate the event is led by the Secretariat of EUROBATS – the Agreement on the Conservation of European Bat Species. Celebrated for the first time in 1990 in France and Poland, today the European Bat Night is organized in more than 30 countries, including Bulgaria. In 2012, the United States, the Philippines, Azerbaijan, Israel, Tunisia, Ukraine and Lebanon joined the event for the first time. With this, the Bat Night became an international event going beyond the borders of the "Old Continent", which aims to introduce people to the unique life and the great importance of one of the most interesting animals on the planet - bats. Western countries usually celebrate the Bat Night on the last weekend of August, but in Bulgaria we are all still on vacation. That is why we are waiting for students to start school and after September 15 the Bat Night information campaign is launched.

The Bat Night information campaign in Plovdiv is organized by the “Natura 2000 in Bulgaria - New Horizons” LIFE17 GIE/BG/371 project team – together with the project partners - Hobby TV, Darik Radio and DnevnikBg. The project is funded by the EU LIFE program.

Green Balkans is a member of the international organization BatLife Europe, with the support of KFFOE (Austrian Coordination Center for Bat Conservation and Research). BatLife Europe also leads the annual Bat of the Year initiative, with the Bat of 2020 – the Barbastelle (B. barbastellus).

The information materials for this campaign are provided by Eurobats.


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Green Balkans events celebrating the International Bat Night are implemented with the “Natura 2000 in Bulgaria – New Horizons” project: