The travels of Viki the vulture around the world and in Bulgaria ;))

The travels of Viki the vulture around the world and in Bulgaria ;))

Since its marking with satellite transmitter in the end of 2016 “our” vulture Viki has already visited 7 countries among which, besides Bulgaria, there are also Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Macedonia as she has literally flied thousands of kilometers. In Bulgaria Viki has been seen on feeding sites in Sliven, Tazha, Kresna.

From December 2017 to the beginning of March 2018 the bird hasn't sent any coordinates.

In the beginning of April she started sending data, but for our greatest surprise not from Greece but from Kosovo and after that stayed near Skopie in Macedonia for several days. After Skopie she moved to one of the vulture collonies in South Macedonia near the border with Greece. After she spent several days there, she moved to Southwest Greece in the region of Vatos where she is currently located.

We would like to remind you that the vulture Viki is a wild bird attracted to the aviary in Tazha by the other vultures in it. She was marked with satellite transmitter on 18/09/2016 thanks to donation made by family Jeremy and Victoria Tushar. Jeremy and Victoria themselves chose the name of the bird and personally participated in the marking of the bird with blue wing tag and color ring В75, in the transmitter instalation and release of the bird in the wild. The young family named the vulture Viki and after that is being regularly monitoring the movement of the bird and her fate.