Today we are celebrating the World Wetlands Day - 2nd February

Today we are celebrating the World Wetlands Day - 2nd February

For us here at Green Balkans species conservation is not the only focus of our attention. It is equally important to constantly educate and involve people from all ages which is why we constantly organize information campaigns. This year we are putting more emphasis on our educational and information events and are celebrating the World Wetlands Day in Plovdiv, Pomorie, Shabla, Durankulak and in the village of Zhitnitsa (Dobrich municipality).

This year’s campaign motto is ‘Wetlands and climate change’ ( . It aims at popularizing wetlands as an important source of food, water and a natural protection against disasters such as floods and droughts that have a direct impact on us. The Ramsar committee chose the subject in order to shed light on the problem and propose simple and easy to implicate solutions. The Green Balkans team also took part in the event - we gave presentations in various places about the problems wetlands face in recent years due to climate change, their importance as unique ecosystems and our efforts to protect them.

Yesterday our tea visited the children at the Stefan Karadzha elementary school in the village of Zhitnitsa in the Dobrich municipality, where we talked about how important wetlands are and why, what kinds of rare species they shelter and how we can fight climate change. We played thematic games and observed local birds with special equipment. Everybody received ‘The Adventures of Brent, the Red-breasted goose’ book. The kids were very enthusiastic and we will certainly come to Zhitnitsa again :)

On the Friday afternoon we met the children from the Municipal children complex in Shabla at the Shabla Green Centre. The kids remembered all interesting facts we shared last time during the International Black Sea Day and were exited to learn new things about the wetlands and rare birds in them as well as climate change in their region.

Today, Saturday, the 2nd of February we are celebrating the World Wetlands Day in Plovdiv, Pomorie and Durankulak.

One of our volunteers,Dimitar Dimitrov, organized an information campaign at the Pedestrian Bridge over the Maritza river in Plovdiv. Citizens had the opportunity to observe the river and its inhabitants with a monocular fieldscope or binoculars and learn interesting facts about the river and its importants. We gave away information brochures about wetlands and protected species that they shelter.

In Pomorie we met the children from the ‘Ivan Vazov’ secondary school at the Pomorie Lake Visitor Center. They learned about wetlands, climate change and protected species in the world and in the region after that we observed the local birds feeding at the Pomorie lake.
Our team also visited the village of Durankulak where we met the local ladies at the ‘Druzhba’ community center and talked with them about the wetlands in their area and the red-breasted geese that come every year in the region. We are very happy they took the time to celebrate the World Wetlands Day with us along with the coinciding Bulgarian holiday - Petliovden.

We are very happy and grateful to all citizens who joined this international initiative and helped us celebrate this important ecological event together with the rest of the world. Thanks to the social media our event was joined by colleagues in Chile, Kazachstan and Switzerland, where they also celebrated the Wetlands Day with local events.

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