Visiting the Suha River Protected Site

Visiting the Suha River Protected Site

Last weekend we visited the Suha River SPA BG0002048, near the village of Onogur, Dobrich Province, with the students from the ‘Stefan Karadzha’ primary school.

The Natura 2000 zone was designated to protect and maintain the habitats of rare and protected bird species during breeding and migration, and to achieve their favorable conservation status and improvement of steppe habitats.

The field trip lesson was divided in two parts - while the first group got to know more about life under the sunlight, along with their teachers, the second one explored life in the caves. Aneliya, from the ‘Natura 2000 in Bulgaria - New Horizons’ project team, told everyone how caves are formed and how that happens over centuries and sometimes even millennia, and how the rainwater that seeps through the rock cracks plays a major role in cave formation. Besides the unique way caves are formed, we learned more about life inside them, we observed species from the invertebrate fauna and saw traces of bat colonies (our country is home to 33 bat species out of a total of 35 in Europe, all of which are listed in the BDA).
Outside, we observed some of the bird species target of conservation - little egret, a pair of crows, a common buzzard gathering nesting material and an owl feather. In the swampy waters of the river we saw dozens of European pond turtles - a favorable habitat for the species where the population is obviously thriving. Observations of the rich variety of species took place under the accompaniment of golden orioles, Eurasian blackcaps and other songbirds.
We finished the open field lesson with a visit to the rock monastery built in the canyon of the river, formed thousands of years ago.
The event is part of the Green Balkans’ national campaign celebrating the European NATURA 2000 Day - 21st May. Green Balkans is celebrating the Natura 2000 day with a series of events in May - Month of the Natura 2000 ecological network.

We would like to thank the 'Stefan Karadzha' primary school management and all teachers for inviting us and for organizing the field trip. We'd also like to thank all children for the wonderful experience and their enthusiasm.
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