We are celebrating International Black Sea Action Day with events in several villages in the country

We are celebrating International Black Sea Action Day with events in several villages in the country

We are celebrating International Black Sea Action Day with events in several villages in the country!
October 30 - we are about to begin the celebrations in the town of Pomorie, when we will be expecting you at the Pomorie Lake Visitor Centre.

October 31 - the next day, we will be in the village of Durankulak where the event will be hosted by “Druzhba 1898” Community Center and we will celebrate together with the students of "St. Kliment Ohridski" Primary School.

What you can expect at the events:
  • a  ton of interesting facts about Black Sea and its biodiversity; 
  • fun games and art workshops;
  • quizzes and prizes.
Facebook event for Pomorie and Durankulak

October 31 - we will have the opportunity to learn about stories and problems of the Black Sea dolphins. Dimitar Popov from Green Balkans will give a lecture that will help answer questions such as "How are dolphins explored?", "Are dolphins easy to count?", "What is their role in the Black Sea ecosystem?" and many more.
* The event will be held on 31.10.2019 at 7:00 PM in the Planetarium Hall of the Regional Museum of Natural History - Plovdiv.

Facebook event

November 1 - we continue in Plovdiv where our partners will be the Regional Museum of Natural History - Plovdiv and WIND2WIN. The museum will be hosting the event.
We will be starting at 5:30 PM and you will have the opportunity to:
  • play and create;
  • win prizes by answering thematic questions;
  • learn what and why we celebrate on October 31;
  • talk about the methods to protect our Black Sea;
Finally, our special guests Atanas Kutsev and Maria Angelova from the WIND2WIN team will present the challenge for the “PLASTIC FREE Black Sea” cause.
The screening of the documentary starts at 7:15 PM.

The event is free of charge, however it does not include visiting museum exhibits. Online registration is required in order to attend the film:

The event on Facebook 

More on International Black Sea Action Day:
October 31, 2019 marks the 23rd anniversary of the official adoption of measures to combat marine pollution and signing of the Strategic Action Plan for the Rehabilitation and Protection of the Black Sea by representations of the six Black Sea states - Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine.
In 1996, the governments of the Black Sea countries recognize that the pollution of our shared sea poses risks for all border countries.
Many people, especially those living along the coast, start to think that it is time to change the perspective of protecting and restoring this unique natural system - our Black Sea.
Each one of us can help protect it by not leaving behind their garbage when on the beach, not throwing plastic bags around, not spilling grease and hazardous chemicals into the sewer and try saving water.

The International Black Sea Action Day campaign aims to draw our attention and increase public commitment to protect our sea.
For additional information:
Polina Hristova - Communication Specialist - mobile: +359 882508721; email:
Svetlozara Kazandzhieva - Public Relations - Regional Museum of Natural History - Plovdiv;
email:; mobile: +359 886120 449