We are celebrating the European Natura 2000 Day with a photo exhibition in Valchedram

Today, the 09 May 2019 at 16:30h, the ‘Bats exhibition’ in Valchedram, celebrating the Natura 2000 Day, will be opened.

The ‘Bats exhibition’ is part of the Green Balkans national campaign celebrating the Natura 2000 Day in Bulgaria. It is organized due to our long-time collaboration with the Valchedram Children Complex.

The exhibition is organized by Natasha Tsanina - Valchedram Children Complex director and will take place in the Ralo - 1891 Community Center. The opening ceremony will include the Valchedram Municipality Deputy Mayor as well as many students from the region.
The Green Balkans team has prepared and sent the photo exhibition along with information brochures and posters on the Natura 2000 network in Bulgaria.

But why bats?
In case you are wondering why we chose the theme for the exhibition, you may not know but bats are some of the key species, protected within the network. The exhibition includes all 33 bat species living in our country. You can learn more about them, why they are so important, what is their role in the ecosystem and why not to fear them from the exhibiton.
Bats in Bulgaria are exclusively insectivorous and extremely beneficial!

The exhibition will be closed on the 17th May, so hurry up and have a look!

The event is part of the Green Balkans’ national campaign celebrating the European NATURA 2000 Day - 21st May. Green Balkans is celebrating the Natura 2000 day with a series of events in May - Month of the Natura 2000 ecological network.

Natasha Tsanina - Valchedram Children Complex - mob.number 0893393087
Aneliya Pavlova – Coordinator – mob.number 0899269576; e-mail: