When art is a cause!

When art is a cause!

A few days ago, our friends from Vitroartis Atelier in Stara Zagora organized a charity bazaar.

In it, artists of the studio donated their paintings for the cause of the Green Balkans Rescue Center. The team of the Centre had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the opening of the exhibition and the subsequent bazaar, where a guest of honor was the Tawny owl Chara.

The feeling to be surrounded by friends and well-wishers is wonderful. People who are ready to help you.

We felt this during the moments we spent together. We are happy to say that most of the artists were between the ages of 6 and 16. A fact that makes us even happier.

Today, representatives of the organizers visited the Rescue Centre and left the donation in our charity box. During their visit, our friends got acquainted with the birds, inhabitants of the visitor's corner of the Centre, and learned more about their fate.