Workshop on cetacean live strandings

Workshop on cetacean live strandings

On 29 and 30 October in Monaco Workshop on live strandings was organized jointly by ACCOBAMS and Pelagos Sanctuary Secretariats. The main objective of the workshop was to develop recommendations on improving the functioning of national cetacean strandings networks with special emphasis on live strandings. More than 40 experts of different institutions from 14 countries participated in the workshop. Green Balkans NGO expert presented how cetacean stranding network functions in Bulgaria: protocol for action; institutions and organizations involved; strong and weak points and needs for improving.

Two working groups on territorial principal were created – one for Pelagos Sanctuary states (France, Monaco and Italy) and second for the rest of the ACCOBAMS countries present. Recommendations have been developed to be presented to the Scientific committees of ACCOBAMS and Pelagos Sanctuary. Special attention was paid on cases of live strandings and alert codes for neighbouring countries in cases of transboundary events.

Study of stranded cetaceans is one of the oldest and most widespread methods for study of these marine mammals. It provides important information on the state of cetaceans’ populations. In many countries networks function that unite different institutions – scientific, conservation (governmental and NGOs), coast guards, veterinarians, police, fire brigades, etc. Good collaboration between different participants is crucial for successful operation of the networks and solving such critical situation.

In the past two years Green Balkans NGO through funding by ACCOBAMS actively supported improving of capacities of coastal municipalities’ ecologists and inspectors of RIOEW-Varna and Burgas for acting in stranding events. Trainings have been organized and emergency toolboxes were provided for data collection in such events. Manual on data collection was published and distributed.

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