World Wetlands Day - 2nd of February

World Wetlands Day - 2nd of February

As one of the oldest conservation organizations in Bulgaria, Green Balkans has taken part in the World Wetlands Day, celebrated on the 2nd of February, for more than 15 years. Wetlands include all rivers, lakes and other bodies of water home to many rare and endangered plant and animal species and often are an important food source for humans. Traditionally we mark the event in Plovdiv near Maritza and at the Pomorie lake near Pomorie.

This year’s motto is ‘Wetlands and climate change’ ( The campaign aims at popularizing wetlands as an important source of food, water and other resources as well as natural protection against floods and draught - natural disasters that have a huge impact on us. The Ramsar committee chose the subject in order to shed light on the problem and propose simple and easy to implicate solutions. The Green Balkans team is also going to take part in the event - we are going to present the problems wetlands face in recent years due to climate change, their importance as unique ecosystems and our efforts to protect them.

We have lost 35% of wetlands worldwide since 1970! We need to focus our efforts to protects and restore them in order to have a chance in fighting climate change.

Green Balkans is dedicated to protecting the Bulgarian environment and wetlands that are part of it. As part of the Natura 2000 in Bulgaria - New Horizons LIFE17 GIE/BG/00371 project we are popularizing the protected territories within the Natura 2000 network. Our aim is to raise the public awareness of the European network and of wetlands as an inseparable part of it. You can follow us and our partners - Darik Radio, and Hobby Tv for additional information.

Upcomming events:

We are holding a drawing competition under the slogan ‘Conserving wetlands and fighting against climate change in our region’ that will continue throughout February! All students between 1st and 8th grade can take part, you can find more information here:

01.02.2019 (Friday)

‘Stefan Karadzha’ elementary school in the village of Zhitnitsa, Dobrich municipality
10:00 - visitng the ‘Stefan Karadzha’ elementary school at Zhitnitsa - giving presentations, playing games etc., under the ‘Wetlands and climate change’ motto.
Green Balkans - Aneliya Pavlova, mob. Number: +359899269576
Event on Facebook:
Green Educational Center, Shabla
15:30 - giving presentations, playing educational games with students and their parents at the Green Center in Shabla under the ‘Wetlands and climate change’ motto.
Green Balkans - Anleiya Pavlova, mob. Number: +359899269576
Green Educational Center, Shabla - +3597434200

Event on facebook:

02.02.2019 (Saturday)

Pomorie Lake Visitor Centre
11:00-13:00 - Observing waterfowl at the Pomorie lake, an educational presentation on wetlands, climate change and endangered species at the Pomorie lake Visitor center.
Green Balkans, Polya Ruseva, mob. Number: +359894059156
Event on Facebook:
Shabla Tuzla (salt lagoon lake)
8:00-11:00 - Observing waterfowl at the salt lake with students and their teachers from Kavarna.
Green Balkans - Aneliya Pavlova, mob. Number: +359899269576

12:00-14:00 - Popularizing wetlands and their importance, observing waterfowl at the south bank of the Maritza river (near the Pedestrian bridge) in Plovdiv. Meet us at the Green Balkans information booth where you can receive information brochures about wetlands and climate change.
Green Balkans - Dimitar Dimitrov, mob. Number: +359883578893
Event on Facebook:

Afternoon presentation at the Druzhba community center in Durankulak on wetlands, climate change and endangered species.

Check out our website for more information in the upcoming days :)

Green Balkans - Aneliya Pavlova - coordinator
Mob. Number: 0899269576, e-mail: