​23rd International Bat Night!

​23rd International Bat Night!

The information campaign for the International Bat Night is organized with the contribution and voluntary work of all campaign partners.

Various organizations, institutions and citizen groups will join the celebration, including Green Balkans NGO; Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation; EcoSociety Foundation; Regional Historical Museum – Blagoevgrad; Regional Historical Museum – Pleven; Regional Historical Museum – Rousse; ‘Vrachanski Balkan’ Nature Park Directorate; Lovech Municipality; cavers, alpinists and volunteers.

Presentations, children drawings, bat gymnastics, bat games, ateliers and raffles, art workshops, exhibitions, quizzes, presentations and films will provoke the guests to look deeper into the secret life of bats.

Our aim is to show everyone that bats are not dangerous or scary, on the contrary they are different but cute. 33 out of the 35 European bat species live in Bulgaria, all of them are insectivorous. Bats are actually extremely helpful, since a large part of the insects they feed on cause damages on the crops. Bats in cities help us fight mosquitoes, for example, a common pipistrelle can eat up to 1000 mosquitoes a night!
We’d like to invite everyone to join us and spread information about bats and their importance so we will preserve all of the bat species in Bulgaria, as well as in Europe. Right now, the only way to preserve all of the 6000 caves in Bulgaria is in case they are inhabited by a bat colony. Many of these caves are within Natura 2000 sites, often under the Habitats directive – habitat type 8310 - Caves not open to the public.

Information about the initiative
The initiative was first celebrated in 1990 in France and Poland, under the auspices of the UNEP/EUROBATS Agreement on the Conservation of Populations of European Bats and is nowadays organized in over 30 countries, including Bulgaria. In 2012 the USA, Philippines, Azerbaijan, Israel, Tunis, Ukraine and Lebanon joined the celebrations. This transformed the initiative into an international event, overcoming the ‘old continent’ barriers aiming to involve people from all over the planet and show them the importance of one of the world’s most intriguing creatures – bats. Usually western countries celebrate the event during the last weekend of August, but since it is still the time of summer holidays in our country, we usually wait for the school year to start and celebrate the International Bat Night after the 15th September.

Stara Zagora (20th September), the Green Balkans team will prepare a photo exhibition of all 33 bat species living in our country. We will also bring information banners, games and art ateliers!
Contacts: Polya Ruseva – Green Balkans, mob.number 0894059156
Vratsa (26th September), the ‘Vrachanski Balkan’ Nature Park Directorate is organizing the event. Presentations, bat games and ateliers will be included, join us and find out more about the old forests and caves in the region, home to many bat species at the ‘Vrachanski Balkan’ NP.
Contacts: Geogri Antonov – ‘Vrachanski Balkan’ NPD, Environmental Centre ‘Natura’ – 092/660318
Blagoevgrad (27th September) the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation along with the Regional Historical Museum – Blagoevgrad have prepared interesting bat games and more for all guests. Join us for the unique ‘light painting’ atelier, organized by ALOS at the RHM – Blagoevgrad!
Contacts: Tonya Todorova (RHM-Blagoevgrad) – mob.number 0877554458, Vladimir Milushev (BBF) – mob.number 0898700961
Pleven (30th September) – The Regional Historical Museum – Pleven, EcoSociety Foundation and Green Balkans NGO are organizing the Bat night at the Pleven City Garden. There will be information banners, an exhibition, art ateliers and, of course, many games!
Contacts: Polya Ruseva – Green Balkans, mob.number 0894059156; Lyubomira Kolcheva – EcoSociety Foundation – mob.number – 0882620948
Lovech (1st October) – The Green Balkans NGO, along with the Lovech Municipality are organizing the Bat Night informational campaign at the Museum of Minerals (also known as ‘Vasil and Atanas Atanasovi’ Museum collection)
Contacts: Polya Ruseva – Green Balkans, mob.number 0894059156

Plovdiv (5th October) The Green Balkans NGO is celebrating the International Bat Night at 17:00 at the Plovdiv City Garden (Tsar Simeon Garden). The KIT academy will be joining us with interesting ateliers. Each year we welcome more guests to our bat exhibition, this time you will find our informational banners at the Viennese gazebo. We have prepared art ateliers, educational movies and our friends from the cavers’ club will be showing everyone a few techniques and interesting knots they use when they visit caves. In the late afternoon, we will traditionally listen in on bats in the garden with an ultrasound detector.
And two very special ladies, who had a close date with some bats earlier in the summer will tell us more about their adventure, living with the rare species.
Contacts: Polina Hristova – Green Balkans – mob.number – 0882508721
In Pomorie (7th October), our team will prepare a short presentation with art ateliers and educational games for all. We will post more information about this event soon.
Contacts: Polina Hristova – Green Balkans – mob.number 0882508721

Burgas (8th October) – Join the Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation and Green Balkans NGO at the Georgi Baev hall in the "Sea Casino" Cultural center for our presentation, photo exhibition, art workshops and much more. Later we will show everyone at the Sea Garden how to listen to bats with a special detector.
Contacts: Polina Hristova – Green Balkans – mob.number 0882508721; Radostina Tsenova – Bulgarian Biodiversty Foundtation – 0896798908
Rousse (18th October), the traditional Bat Night will take place at the Regional Historical Museum – Rousse with interactive games and workshops. All guests will be able to join and create clay models, play in the bat tunnel, get a bat tattoo and much more. In the end of the evening, we will ‘stalk’ bats at the front yard with a special detector.
Contacts: Krasimir Kirov – RHM-Rousse – mob.number 0889518918
Join us for the International Bat Night 2019! You can also find out more information on how to recreate the celebration in your own school or at home here!
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Green Balkans are a member of the international organization BatLife Europe with the support of KFFOE (Austrian Coordination Centre for Bat Conservation and Research).