"A vulture's flight" campaign!

Yes, this is not a joke! We really need your help so we can take home a female Bearded Vulture, hatched this year in Goldau Zoo, Switzerland. The bird has been granted to the Wildlife Rescue Centre of Green Balkans and we are looking for funds to ensure its transport. So, if you want to help a Swiss feathered lady to come live in Bulgaria, please support our fund-raising campaign!

How much?
We need 1000 BGN (500 EUR) to buy an airplane ticket for the bird and ensure other relevant transport costs. We will be grateful for any penny sent, while if the amount we gather exceeds our expectations, we will use the funds to provide food and medical care for the vulture lady.

The female vulture, granted by our Swiss colleagues, will live in the aviaris of the Wildlife Rescue Centre of Green Balkans, together with her future husband still being chosen. We hope that in some 8 years they will hatch their first young we will provide for release into the wild.

How do I help?
We expect your support HERE

Mentioning the "A vulture's flight" will help us a lot!

Why help?
Bearded Vulture is the symbol of nature conservation in Bulgaria. It has been considered extinct since the 1960s, mostly due to poisoning and poaching. It is now again the turn of humans to help it return! The Wildlife Rescue Centre of Green Balkans - Stara Zagora, is a part of the European Programme for Endangered Species (Bearded Vulture EEP), a network of over 40 specialized breeding centres and zoos, which keep and breed Bearded Vultures. The babies, hatched in captivity, are released where the species has gone extinct. The restoration of Bearded Vulture in the Alps is among the most successful stories in contemporary nature conservation. The work there started in 1986 and after a number of coordinated releases in Austria, France, Switzerland and Italy, nowadays there are over 140 Bearded Vultures flying free in the Alps and over 60 chicks have hatched in the wild. For us is a pleasure and an honour to be a part of this EEP, hoping that soon the efforts of all experts focus on the restoration of the species in Bulgaria. The Wildlife Rescue Centre of Green Balkans is preparing to become one of the specialized breeding centres, yet this is why we need your help! At present we are looking after the only pair of Bearded Vultures in Bulgaria. They have been living with us for 10 years and for the past two years have managed to hatch (sometimes with our help) and raise a total of three chicks we gave back to the EEP. This is why we have deserved the trust of our European colleagues, who have decided to provide us with an extra pair. The young female of Goldau is the first bird we expect this year, yet we need your help to bring her to Bulgaria!