​February - love, wine and…baby vultures

​February - love, wine and…baby vultures

Our friends, the Griffon vultures at the ‘Vrachanski Balkan’ National Park started the month of love quite appropriately, there are 7 nests with brooding vultures - 5 in the north of the park and 2 in the eastern parts. Our colleagues, working on the spot, report 2 newly formed nests in the park, although we still do not know whether these are newly formed couples or old couples changing nests.

There are still more good news, at 5 other places we’ve observed nesting behavior - building a nest, copulations, etc. Three of the five couples are in the northern parts of the park, while the two couples in the eastern parts have already been observed copulating.

We are wishing the soon-to-be parents luck with this year’s breeding season!

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