​Green Balkans are officially leaving the Pomorie Lake Visitor Center

​Green Balkans are officially leaving the Pomorie Lake Visitor Center

After for almost a month Green Balkans, as a civil organization, did not receive a response to our proposals to the Pomorie Municipality for joint management of the Center, we are forced to move our property from the building created by us and terminate our activities in the Visitor Center. The donors, who provided funds for the construction and equipment of the Center, were also left without a definite position and opinion. The opinion of the Operational Program "Environment" was that "they cannot take a definite position", but Green Balkans must ensure the sustainability of the Center’s activities. On the last day of our term the World Bank, the institution coordinating the financing for the construction of the Center, invited for an active dialogue between the Pomorie Municipality and Green Balkans, so that the Center will continue to implement and promote environmental legislation. Given the opinion of all donors and our own desire, repeatedly expressed to the media and the public, we leave the exhibition in the Center, not wanting to export it, which would be associated with its damage and destruction and waste of public funds.

As we have not received consent from the Municipality for the use of the exposition, it will be left for safekeeping in the Center, and for this purpose Green Balkans insists on receiving the necessary acceptance and transfer protocols. The deadline set by the municipality to leave the Center (30.09.2020), for which we received an explicit reminder and an order to convene a commission to describe the condition of the building expires tomorrow, but the Municipality has not yet stated its position on any of our proposals.

We would like to remind you that Green Balkans also proposed to preserve the function of one volunteer room, where to store equipment necessary for the conservation activities on the lake, as well as free access to the Center, for the purposes of educational and information activities for which we have provided funds and expert capacity. Our proposals remained unanswered ...
We would also like to remind you that Green Balkans has expressed readiness to continue managing the "Pomorie Lake" Visitor Center, which were refused.

For additional information:
Aneliya Pavlova – Green Balkans coordinator, mob.number +359899269576