“Our” Griffon Vulture rescued in… Hungary!

“Our” Griffon Vulture rescued in… Hungary!

Griffon Vulture tagged K9C was found injured on 26.09.2017 near Hidas, Southern Hungary by Mr. Borbély András. Our colleagues presume it has been hit by a vehicle or has collided with a powerline. The bird was captured and collected by Mr. László Németh a forest engineer and treated by a veterinarian in Pecs. On 27.09.2017 it was transported to Zoo Budapest, where our colleagues Dr. Endre Sos and Dr. Viktoria Korknai will look after it. The traumatic injuries, including an open joint were treated in Pecs, after consultations with the team of Budapest Zoo. The zoo vets have continued the treatment and diagnostic work and the bird is fortunately much better, already using both of its legs. We are extremely grateful to all our colleagues in Hungary for their kind care and assistance and we are extremely happy that the bird is in good hands!

The story began with a phone call on Thursday evening, when a concerned person explained in fluent English that they have found an injured vulture near Pecs, Southern Hungary. If you wonder how exactly did they know to call none else but us, you would probably remember that all vultures released within the programme for the restoration of the species in the Balkan Mountains are marked with yellow wing tags with an individual code. You should also know that on the inside of the tag there is a label with our telephone number and web-site as that anyone who has captured a vulture or found a tag can contact us.

The vulture found was carrying wing tags inscribed K9C. This helped us identify the bird, as a male, arrived to us from Cataluna, Spain in July 2014. The vulture was accommodated in the vulture adaptation aviary in Central Balkan and released on 23.05.2015. Our character did not stay here long and soon moved to the area of Sliven, where there is another vulture adaptation aviary and a supplementary feeding site. It then found the natural colony of Griffon Vultures in the Eastern Rhodopes and stayed there until December 2016. Since then we had no information if he was alive and where he was. Well, apparently our K9C has reached Hungary and gotten into trouble. Fortunately, he has been found in time so we hope he fully recovers.

We will keep you posted, while you keep fingers crossed for him!

The photos at the current news-update have been provided by our colleagues from Hungary

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