​The 100 National Tourist Sites in Bulgaria go back to 99!

​The 100 National Tourist Sites in Bulgaria go back to 99!

In this ironic way, the Green Balkans team alerted the public of an extremely serious issue - the real danger for one of the 100 National Tourist Sites -  № 6b – Pomorie Lake Visitor Center to be destroyed as such. This is necessary due to the fact that the organization must urgently leave the Visitor Center in Pomorie at the insistence of the Pomorie Mayor, who refused to extend the contractual relations with Green Balkans for the management of the Center.

We’d like to remind you that the Center was established in 2010, under a project prepared and implemented by Green Balkans, funded by the Global Environment Facility through the World Bank.

The Pomorie Mayor has set a 14-day deadline for vacating the Center's building, giving no clearance as to what is going to happen with the exhibition. We have received a sole refusal to keep the exhibition from the Pomorie mayor in writing and during a personal conversation. This practically makes it impossible to manage the Center as a finished tourist product, licensed as part of the National Movement "Discover Bulgaria - 100 National Tourist Sites. "We consider this a serious loss not only for Pomorie and its citizens, but also for the entire tourist community and for tourism in Bulgaria as a whole," said Elena Stoeva part of the Green Balkans team.

The deadline set by the mayor of the municipality coincides with the period of the Annual Volunteer Work Brigade on Pomorie Lake, organized by Green Balkans, announced for the period 01-08 September, for which the Visitor Center is an important base and its closure would prevent conservation activities carried out on the territory of the Pomorie Lake protected area.

Green Balkans would like to address the public and the Bulgarian Tourist Union and its "army" of members and supporters with an appeal to preserve tourist product “6 b - Pomorie Lake Visitor Center”. “We fear that the municipality does not have the necessary expertise, biodiversity knowledge, as well as desire to demonstrate environmental practices in the Pomorie Lake Visitor Center, which makes it impossible to preserve it properly and correctly and in respect with the commitments to the donors and initiators," adds Elena Stoeva.

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