​Volunteer Days with the Japan Tobacco International Bulgaria

​Volunteer Days with the Japan Tobacco International Bulgaria

At the end of October and the beginning of November the Green Balkans team joined the Japan Tobacco International Bulgaria volunteers days.

On the 30th October we welcomed the volunteers from East region at the Pomorie Lake Visitors Center where we began with a short presentation about some of the lagoon’s interesting inhabitants and its importance. Our volunteers got to know more about the biological diversity of the region and observed some of the seasonal waterfowl at the lake like the Pigmy cormorant, the  Black-headed gull, Common coot, mallards and others. Afterwards, it was time for some work, namely making bird feeders from used plastic bottles.

The volunteers were quite adept at working in a team and were fast to distribute the different tasks among themselves – some wore making the proper holes with a soldering iron, some were preparing the ropes for the feeders, the perches, and before we finished, everyone got to decorate their unique feeder with harmless paints.

On the 1st November we welcomed the South region volunteers from the company at our initiative in Plovdiv at the Lauta park, where despite the cold weather our team installed most of the prepared bird feeders at appropriate place throughout the park. Before we left, everyone promised to take care of each of the feeders and come back with their family to refill it later in winter.

With the winter days almost coming upon us, our team chose the bird feeders for this volunteer initiative in order to, not only help the teams unite better, but to also help birds in the winter months. Placing bird feeders is a popular way to attract the citizens’ attention and involve them in nature protection, even with the simplest acts.
We’d like to thank the Japan Tobacco International Bulgaria team for their initiative to help and for their positive attitude to nature conservation. We’d like to wish them and ourselves more volunteer days and activities to connect the team.
The volunteer days were implemented with the help of the BCause foundation.

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