The Return of griffon vultures in the Balkan Mountains and Kresna/Pirin

Who are the godparents of the Bulgarian vultures from Stara planina and Pirin – learn more here…


Dear friends, as stated a few days ago, the teams of Green Balkans, the Wild Flora and Fauna Fund and BPPS may praise ourselves that, after 15 years of hard work we can consider that Griffon Vulture has been restored in the Balkan Montains of Bulgaria and Kresna (Pirin). We can say this as there are 25 nesting pairs and 11 young reared in the three target areas – Vrachanski Balkan, Kotel (Sliven), and Kresna (Pirin). For this international event our vultures received the names of 10 distinguished naturalists from all over Europe, with a great contribution to vulture protection. Who are they? For more information, visit:

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For the first time in 60 years – Griffon Vulture has returned to the Balkan Mountains of Bulgaria, Kresna and the Pirin Mountains, as a result of a long-term restoration programme


Today, in a press-conference held in the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency we announced the start of a large-scale campaign for celebrating a huge success – the return of Griffon Vulture to the Balkan Mountains of Bulgaria, Kresna and the Pirin Mountains. This international nature conservation success is a result of over 15 years of joint efforts of Green Balkans, the Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna (FWFF) and the Birds of Prey Protection Society (BPPS).

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International campaign marking the return of the Griffon vulture in Stara planina and Pirin


In 2016 Bulgaria is celebrating its huge contribution in saving of European natural heritage. Eleven successfully fledged Griffon vulture chicks on the cliffs of Balkan Mountain and Kresna Gorge (Pirin) have confirmed the future of vulture populations there. It is a payoff of a long process of fifteen years in hard work and real team efforts of Green Balkans, Fund for Wild Flora and Fauna (FWFF) and Birds of Prey Protection Society (BPPS). The chicks will be named after conservationists from 8 European countries. Ambassadors of four countries in Bulgaria will officially receive the certificates.    

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