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Bilateral German-Bulgarian cooperation project to enhance the Natura 2000 implementation in Bulgaria:
"Germany’s Experience in Implementing EU Legislation: Natura 2000 - Management and Financing"
Children's Drawing Contest 'I protect biodiversity from pollution' [ 16.03.2021 ]
Green Balkans together with Community Centre "Prosveta-1888", Pomorie organizes a contest for children's drawings "I protect biodiversity from pollution", with an emphasis on Pomorie Lake and other wetlands in the Burgas region - lakes, swamps. 
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A Lesser Kestrel ‘landed’ on the Ivan Vazov Primary School in Svilengrad [ 09.03.2021 ]
Two Lesser Kestrels have ‘perched’ on the central facade of Ivan Vazov Primary School in Svilengrad.
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Green Balkans and Kaufland Bulgaria join forces in support of protected species [ 11.01.2021 ]
At the end of 2020, Kaufland Bulgaria and Green Balkans joined forces in an information campaign for protected species, which aims at educational, but also financial support for the conservation activities of Green Balkans.
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Life for Pomorie lagoon [ 08.12.2020 ]
Three-year conservation project supported by LIFE programme of the EU is starting at Pomorie Lake. The project unites non-profit (two Bulgarian conservation NGOs), scientific (French biological station) and business (private company operating in the lagoon) sectors.
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​The "WILD CHESTNUT" National competition for GREEN journalism Online awards ceremony [ 03.12.2020 ]
On Sunday (December 6) at 4 pm through the Zoom platform and online through our Facebook page, we will hold the official award ceremony for the winners of the "WILD CHESTNUT" competition for GREEN journalism.
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​December - Month of the Pygmy Cormorant [ 01.12.2020 ]
The Pygmy Cormorant (Microcarbo pygmaeus) is listed as endangered in the Red Data Book of the Republic of Bulgaria, protected throughout the country (BDA) and protected by the ecological network NATURA 2000.
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