​Green Balkans are forced to leave the Pomorie Lake Visitor Center!

Green Balkans would like to inform all friends and associates of the organization and all people who care about the Pomorie Lake and its fate, that from 20th August onwards, we will have to leave the Pomorie Lake Visitor Center we helped build. We are forced to leave since our contract with the Pomorie Municipality has come to an end and despite our stated desire to continue our work at the Visitor Center, the Municipality refuses to extend our contract. At the moment the Green Balkans has received a refusal for extension of the contract on part of the city’s mayor. Our appeal for a Municipal Council session for a discussion on the issue has not received an answer which puts us in a position to have to leave the Visitor Center we helped create and establish. We’d like to remind everyone that the Pomorie Lake Visitors Center was created in 2010 within a Green Balkans project financed by GEF and the World Bank. Throughout the years Green Balkans along with our donors and partners have invested time and resources to create, establish and manage the Center and help local economy. The creation and maintenance of the Center as well as all the work on the lake have been realized with the help of dozens of volunteers from over 15 countries, hundreds of Bulgarian citizens and with the support of thousands of people from all across the globe.
In this regard, Green Balkans hopes that the Center will continue to serve as a Visitor Center, aimed at protecting the lake and promoting its biodiversity. Unfortunately, after our team leaves the Center, Green Balkans will not have an impact on its activities. In this regard, we inform the citizens that they cannot address their signals for violations of the law in the lake, to carry injured birds, to rely on our educational activities. Even our conservation activities - such as the annual conservation brigades - will also be affected. One of the functions performed by the Center is a place for planning and implementation of species conservation activities, incl. storing materials for necessary repairs, and is also a meeting place for volunteers, nature lovers or training seminars throughout the year as well as during the brigades. After we leave the Visitor Center, Green Balkans will not have any relation or influence on the Center’s staff or on the activities carried out there and we only express our hope that they will continue to honor the contractual relations with the donors who financed the Center, to serve the local community and the conservation objectives of the lake.
We will also inform you how we will proceed with the Visitor Center website and Facebook page, as we are ready to assist the Pomorie Municipality and have expressed readiness and desire to donate the Green Balkans’ exhibition about the Pomorie Lake biodiversity to the Municipality. Unfortunately, for the moment the Pomorie mayor has expressed a refusal for the above mentioned.
Last but not least, we express our serious concerns whether the Center will be given to other private organizations, that have repeatedly expressed a position against the protection of the lake and have economic interests related to its construction.
Short story:
For the last 25 years, experts and volunteers from Green Balkans have been carrying out conservation activities on Pomorie Lake, which include the restoration of habitats of rare and protected bird species. As a result, we can say that within the first years of our work, a huge success was achieved for the protection of nature in Bulgaria, namely the restoration of an almost extinct species nesting in our fauna - the Sandwich Tern. From 6 pairs in 1996, today more than 2,500 pairs of the species nest in the lake. Due to the artificial island habitats and platforms for rest and nesting, terrestrial nesting bird species, such as plovers, find optimal conditions in Pomorie Lake.
The huge importance of the lake for over 270 species of birds, as well as a number of rare and protected plant and animal species, is the reason for declaring it a protected area under the Protected Areas Act, а Ramsar site (the lake is included in the list of wetlands of international importance), an ornithologically important place, as well as a protected area included in ​​the Natura 2000 ecological network under the Birds and Habitats Directives.
An important tool for the conservation activities at Pomorie Lake is the Visitor Center built in 2009 within a project initiated and implemented by Green Balkans, funded by the Global Environment Facility through the World Bank. Under the project, the Municipality of Pomorie provided free land for the construction of the Pomorie Lake Visitor Center.

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