14 Settlements  in Bulgaria Celebrated the International Bat Night


14 settlements  all over the country took part in the information campaign  to mark the Bat Night!

In the present 2021 we celebrated 25 th anniversary of Bat Night initiative and 30th anniversary  of signing the Agreement on the Conservation of Populations of European Bats.

The event is celebrated on the EUROBATS secretariat’s initiative under the Agreement on the Conservation of Populations of European Bats and every year over 30 countries all over the world are involved.

This year in Bulgaria the campaign has run in 14 setllements,  joined  over 20 institutions and organizations and the children from dozens of schools and kinder gardens were introduced to the secret bat life!

In the events organized by Green Balkans took part: “Blue Stones” National Park, “Geo Milev” House Museum, Municipality of Pomorie and in “Pomorie lake” Visitor Center, Regional Natural History Museum -  Plovdiv, “Dzhendema” Speleo Club and “Agharta” Mountain Sports Club, The Association of Parents of Hearing Impaired Children (APHIC), Regional Historical Museum (RHM) in Blagoevgrad, NP “Vratchanski Balkan”, Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, “Rock Soul” Mountaineering Club, - “Paisii Hilendarski” National Library, Regional History Museum - Rousse, Municipality of Lovech, Regional History Museum – Pleven, Natural History Museum of Cherni Osam,  National Mountain Guide School - Cherni Osam.

We would like to express our gratitude for another year for the good cooperation and accompanying event’s emotions!

The campaign has been marked and in the town of Assenovgrad –there joined  “Ustremeni” Tourist Association, Burgass - "St. Cyril and St. Methodius 1985" Community Centre and NP “Strandzha”, Velingrad - "Hristo Botev" National Professional High School, “Vasil Kanchov”High School.  Green Balkans provided them information materials about bats, issued in the framework of the project “NATURA 2000 in Bulgaria – New Horizons”.

The initiative is open to anyone wishing to promote flying mammals. Information on how to mark Bat Night yourself can be found on the Green Balkans  specialized site for bats HERE.

Find out how events in the country went:

•  Sliven – Green Balkans and “Blue Stones” National Park
• Stara Zagora – Green Balkans and “Geo Milev” House Museum https://greenbalkans.org/natura2000/newhorisons/en/International-Bat-Night-in-Stara-Zagora.p1821
• Plovdiv – Green Balkans and “Chuchuliga” Kinder Garden
• Pomorie – Green Balkans and Municipality of Pomorie
• Plovdiv – Green Balkans, Regional Natural History Museum - Plovdiv, “Dzhendema” Speleo Club and “Agharta” Mountain Sports Club
• Blagoevgrad – Green Balkans and Regional Historical Museum (RHM) -  Blagoevgrad
• Vtratsa – Green Balkans and “Vrachanski Balkan” Park
• Burgas – Green Balkans, Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, Stanimira Deleva
• Assenovgrad – “Ustremeni” Tourist Association
• Devnya – Green Balkans and Solvay Sodi
• Lovech – Green Balkans, Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Center, Stara Zagora and  Lovetch Municipality
•Pleven Green Balkans, Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Center, Stara Zagora and  Regional History Museum – Pleven
• Village of Cherni Osam – Natural Sciences Museum of Cherni Osam and Cherni Osam National School for Mountain Guides.
• Burgas – "St. Cyril and St. Methodius 1985" Community Centre, Burgas and NP “Strandzha”
• Valchedram – Valchedram Children Complex
Bat Night celebrated in Valchedram - Green Balkans, Bulgaria
• Velingrad – "Hristo Botev" Natinal High School of Forestry – Велинград
Bat Night also in Velingrad - Green Balkans, Bulgaria

We would like to express our gratitude to all who celebrated the Bat Night and became part  of the popularization and preservation of these interesting and mysterious mammals!
Till next year!

For additional information:
Elena Stoeva –  Project Manager – mob. +359 8875734699, e-mail: etilova@greenbalkans.org

The Information campaign for celebrating the Bat Night has been carried out it the framework of:







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