15 November - World Dipteran Day

Did you know that in addition to bees - many flies and small mosquitoes also play an important role in plant pollination? Some plants have even adapted to be pollinated only by a certain species of flies! The presence of other dipterans in forests shows their good ecological condition. Apart from pests, there are many less popular species which are important to nature.

November 15 marks the World Dipteran Day, aiming to promote species with a particularly important role in ecosystems part of the NATURA 2000 network of protected areas.
Join the World Dipteran Day in the Natural History Museum in Plovdiv from 4 pm to learn interesting facts about dipterans. We will also include scientists from the National Museum of Natural History in Sofia live to tell us more about their work. We will also sort different groups of flies and mosquitoes and other insects under a stereomicroscope:) And finally we will make a dipteran from paper as a souvenir :)
The event is open to everyone, but does not include viewing the museum’s exhibition which is charged. The event is appropriate for children between 6 and 13 years, as well as for all curious insect fans.

IMPORTANT !!! Due to limited space, we ask anyone wishing to join to fill in our form:
For more information check out the Facebook event
We would like to thank the hosts from the Regional Museum of Natural History Plovdiv and the creative design of Istoriiki/ So Many Stories To Tell
Aneliya Pavlova - Green Balkans Coordinator
phone 0899269576; e-mail: apavlova@greenbalkans.org

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