15 volunteers, 3 days and the experience to be volunteer

Current and future Green Balkans volunteers spent three days in Chatama area.

The volunteer meeting is organized as part of the project "Natura 2000 in Bulgaria - New Horizons" and aims to motivate for active volunteering and to introduce a wider audience to Green Balkans activities.

The Chatama area is located on the shores of Golyam Beglik Dam, and the hosts and lecturers of the event were the inspiring people from Baikaria Association.

The first day of the meeting, after the exciting arrival by boat at the camp, the organization activities and the project were presented, as well as information about the core of Natura 2000 protected area network.

In the next two days, the volunteers and the Green Balkans team learned through experience – motivational exercises for the start of the day, getting closer, how to be more successful in communication, cycling on beautiful Rhodope trails, canoeing and kayaking in the dam are just some of the things which the participants were involved. Awareness that the environment depends entirely on our attitude and care - the environment in which we live in, work environment and social life.

Each of the volunteers had the opportunity to recognize themselves in one of the organization’s activities and the opportunity to get involved immediately with ideas. To our great joy, only a day after finishing the meeting, tasks were already assigned and completed.

You can see more moments from the meeting HERE.

We thank to the hosts from the Baikaria Association for the organization and the incredible experience we had at the Beglika camp! https://bikearea.org/

We would like to thank to all the volunteers from the country who became part of this wonderful experience!

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Aneliya Pavlova – Coordinator, Mobile 0899269576, e-mail: apavlova@greenbalk
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