1556 drawings were received for the ‘Wetlands – a source of life’ children drawing contest

1st place - “Buratino” Kindergarten
Green Balkans‘ ’NATURA 2000 in Bulgaria – New Horizons’ project team received 1556 children’s drawings from the age between 3 and 7 years for the Wetlands Day in the period of one month.

The interest towards the contest exceeded all organisators’ expectations. 1556 children drawings were received and ranked, coming from 145 schools and kindergartens in 65 cities and other locations in the country. It was apparent that all participants knew a lot and were very passionate about the topic. The organisators were grateful to the teachers and parents about this fact. Wetlands and their habitants inspired the young artists who demonstrated a lot of imagination, creativity and personal attitude to Mother Nature.
The most attractive drawings will be displayed in exhibitions dedicated to the Water Day – 22 March 2021. These exhibitions will be exposed in the administrative buildings of Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water (RIEW) – Plovdiv, Asenovgrad Municipality and likely in one more place in Plovdiv. We hope that the drawings will provoke thoughts about the value of water and protected species from NATURA 2000 ecological network and what they mean for each of us.
Certificates will be sent to all participated kindergartens via mail and the winners in first, second and third place as well as honors will receive additional materials.

Here are the winners:
1st place
“Buratino” Kindergarten, 3 “A” “Winnie-the-Pooh” group - Plovdiv

2nd place
„The little Prince“ – Plovdiv
Elena Dobreva – Gorna Oryahovitsa

3rd place
“Gina Kuncheva” Kindergarten - Karlovo
Vyara Popanastasova – Kurdzhali
“Breza” Kindergarten - Plovdiv

“Svoboda” Kindergarten – Katunitsa, Sadovo Municipality
“Parvi yuni” Kindergarten – Zlati trap, Rodopi Municipality
“Daga” Kindergarten – Plovdiv
“Sinchets” Kindergarten – Belozem, Rakovski Municipality
“Alen mak” Kindergarten – Stara Zagora
“Radost” Kindergarten – Vratsa
“Ivaylovgrad” Kindergarten – Ivaylovgrad
Nikol Mihalik – Nova Zagora
“Maychina grizha” Kindergarten – Plovdiv
“Sluntse” Kindergarten - Ardino

The children drawing national contest, dedicated to wetlands and their inhabitants, is organized by Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water – Plovdiv and Green Balkans. All activities are implemented within ‘NATURA 2000 in Bulgaria – New Horizons’ project and part of the ‘Future for NATURA 2000 ’event celebrating the World Wetlands Day.

About the Wetlands Day:
Every year on 2 February we celebrate the World Wetlands Day to pay more attention to the importance of wetlands for people and our planet. There is another reason to celebrate this day. On this day in 1971 wasa signed the Ramsar Convention. The Ramsar Convention is the only global agreement that is focused on a specific ecosystem – wetlands. Today the convention is adopted by 171 Contracting Parties, obliged to identify wetlands with а high conservation value in the list of  Wetlands with International Significance – Ramsar places. By signing the contract, the Parties agree to use wetlands reasonably and to co-operate on cross-border issues.

About NATURA 2000:
NATURA 2000 is the largest coordinated network for nature conservation. More than 34% of the territory of Bulgaria falls within the scope of the network – 120 protected areas for wild birds and 234 protected areas for conservation of natural habitats.

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