Aneliya Pavlova

When 14 years ago a Green Balkans team presented the organization’ activities in different schools, between all the students was Anelia Pavlova. With the beginning of the summer vacation the 8th grade student spends her free days taking part in the organization’s activities as a volunteer. While exploring the biodiversity on the field, Anelia is taking course of speleology and starts dreaming of…biospeleology.

Graduating in Plovdiv University with 2 thesis works, she is surveying the fungus gnats from the fauna of Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and Slovenia. Anelia continues her work with the fungus gnats and during her PhD, studying the genus from critical endangered Mediterranean and Sub-mediterranean. Bulgarian habitats. She has a wide range of volunteer activities – a scholarship in the Department of biospeology at the Natural History Museum of Verona and at the Natural History Museum of Bonn, Germany. Spending a year in Bonn, she is achieving foreign knowledge about the fungus gnat‘s genetic researches.

She is working in a wide range of projects as part of Green Balkans – monitoring and conservation of the White stork, Nocturnal birds, Bats and Cetaceans. Communication and educational activities are part of Anelia’ daily routine – probably the most important part of the environmental organisations work is achieving a public awareness in the nature conservation.

Active volunteer and citizen, cave instructor and employee of Green Balkans since 2014, Anelka, as her friends and colleagues knows her, spends her limited spare time on exploring caves and mountain hikes.

As a Coordinator on “Natura 2000 in Bulgaria – New Horizons” project, her opinion is that “the best thing is to work what you like” and hopes that everyone will succeed it!
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