Anushka Eneva

Anushka Eneva graduated from the “Geo Milev” Mathematical High School in her hometown of Pleven, thanks to which she applies a lot of logic and rational thinking both in life and in her work as a manager. Mathematics took her eastwards - to the Technical University of Varna, where in 1995 she completed her higher education as a Telecommunications Engineer.
She claims that she accepts each task as a challenge to herself, an opportunity to learn more new things. With this attitude and with great desire and enthusiasm, she started working in a local television program in Stara Zagora, where she learned various skills - computer graphics, post-production, video editing, console director and others.
In 2006 she started working in telecommunications, but a few years later continued her media professional development, developing projects for television series, shows, documentaries and television films - from the initial concepts to the team formation and the production for Hobby TV, and subsequently for Destination BG, Hobby Hunting and others.
She accepted the invitation for coordinator of the BGTOP project team, because she believes that she will acquire new and more in-depth knowledge in the field of flora, fauna and conservation, and the project films for Natura 2000 sites in Bulgaria will help people understand conservation and our unique nature.
As a person she defines herself as positive, organized, principled and always thinking of something new.
Likes: applied arts, travel and good movies.
Hobbies: windsurfing, kitesurfing, cycling (but not on the road).
Does not like to be photographed, but rather indulges in experiencing the moment.
"Difficulties make me stronger… I accept them, overcome them and continue onwards."
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