Celebrating the International Black Sea Day

Due to the COVID-19 situation in Bulgaria, the event will be postponed. Our program does not allow us to hold an online event so we will organize the initiative as soon as possible.

On October 31st 1996 Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine officially accept the measures to limit marine pollution. The end of the month marks 25 years of the acceptance of the Strategic Plan for the Black Sea by all of the Black Sea countries aiming to limit threats to the marine biodiversity.

This year the Green Balkans team, along with our colleagues from the Regional Natural History Museum – Plovdiv, are organizing a joint initiative to celebrate Black Sea and marine life. The event includes a lecture on marine life, cetaceans in the Black Sea and the Green Balkans current program for their research and protection. Our colleague, Dimitar Popov, expert on marine mammals in the Black Sea, working for over 10 years in the field, leading the Green Balkans cetaceans research, will talk about the various activities to protect and get to know these majestic creatures. 
Find out more about our work for the protection of Cetaceans in the Black Sea here.

Ivaylo Gotov (author, leader and passionate engineer and designer) will be our guest-lecturer and will present a special 3D art installation – ‘The story of a whale’ using digital technologies and AR-augmented reality. His lecture will tell us more about his work and the creation of the 3D installation, part of his diploma at the National Art Academy. We will immerse ourselves into the theme of life, meaning and threats for whales and cetaceans and will be able to enjoy the installation in the end of the lecture.  
Find out more about Ivaylo Gotov and his work here.

We believe that all Black Sea countries carry a shared responsibility for protecting the ecosystem and all creatures within it. Knowing more about our natural heritage is an important step for its protection and art offers a unique chance to allow the public to get a closer look at the secret life of marine mammals.

October 31st marks an important ecological date for all Black Sea countries aiming to raise awareness on various ecological issues – pollution, overfishing and damaging marine habitats, focusing on the unique biodiversity of the sea and its protection.

Chech out the event program here.

*Due to COVID-19 restrictions the event will be held at a minimal capacity. All visitors have to confirm their participation here. After reaching the maximum capacity, the online form will be no longer active.

To reach a wider audience the event will be livestreamed at the Green Balkans Facebook page as well as the Regional Natural History Museum – Plovdiv Facebook page.

Additional information:
Cetaceans in the Black Sea
Black Sea hosts 3 species of Cetaceans – the Bottlenose Dolphin, the Common Dolphin and the Porpoise. All three species are endemic for the ecosystem. The species were once hunted for food, nowadays a lot is needed for their protection. The Common Dolphin and the Porpoise are protected within the Natura 2000 ecological network with special designated marine habitats.

Natura 2000
Natura 2000 is the largest coordinated network for nature protection. More than 30% of Bulgarian territory is included within the network – 120 special protection areas and 234 special areas of conservation.

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Svetlozara Kazandzhieva – Regional Natural History Museum – Plovdiv - svetlozara.k@gmail.com

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