Elena Stoeva

Elena Stoeva is born in Plovdiv. Being an active environmentalist, she knows from early childhood she wants to be a biologist. Bachelor in Biological Science in 2002 and Master in Biodiversity, ecology and conservation in 2004, her thesis work is in the field of Nikolaevo fishponds – importance and possibilities for including in Natura 2000.
Active volunteer for the Green Balkans since 1998, and an employee from 2004.

With rich experience as a field worker, she is working in different areas of the conservation biology in Bulgaria, as well as mobilizing volunteer activities. As part of developing a wide range of management plans, she is Project Manager on “Bright Future for the Black vulture” from 2016 to 2018.

Since 2015 she coordinates educational programs and works for raising public awareness on important environmental issues and she takes a second degree in Buisness administration and public relations.
Chairman of the management board of Green Balkans – Stara Zagora.

Her biggest passion are the bats, which she finds very attractive for researching and prior for protecting.
She spends her weekends visiting traditional folklore events and taking photos of people, dressed in traditional Bulgarian clothes.

"I am glad I chose the practical nature conservation so that I can actually contribute to the preservation of nature!", Says Elena.
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