Giving Tuesday

We are excited to participate in a truly wonderful initiative, a Black Friday consumerism antipode. Green Balkans is taking part in the Giving Tuesday initiative organized by the BCause Foundation, dedicated to the true moral values - those of donation, mutual help, and social causes!

You can find out more here: https://givingtuesday.bcause.bg/forum-giving-tuesday.html
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Each year dozens of young storks die, entangled in the ropes that adults bring as a building material for their nests. The young birds get tangled in the ropes and die in agony or their limbs get irreversibly damaged. The only solution to this problem is to clean the nests while the storks are south, in Africa.

This is a common problem to all citizens involved in the white stork preservation and sympathetic to the young birds’ suffering.

The activities we want to carry out include:
  • Cleaning out over 20 stork nests in the village of Belozem - the European White Stork Village
  • Purchasing climbing equipment /helmets, ropes and other climbing equipment for the activity implementation/
  • Placing new straw bedding in the stork nests.
  • Placing information boards at the Belozem school.
  • Making 5 new nests on platforms where nests have fallen.
  • Replacement of broken tiles on the Geo Milev School roof.
  • Presentations at Geo Milev School and Belozem School of Agriculture.
The benefits of this campaign include:
  • Rescuing dozens of young birds.
  • Creating new nests and therefore attracting new nesting couples.
  • Attracting children from the Rakovski municipality into caring for the white stork.
  • Reducing the number of young storks entering the Wildlife Rehabilitation and Breeding Centre in severe and incurable condition.
  • Indirect benefits such as reducing the population of rodents, harmful insects and invasive fish species used by the storks for food.
You can find out more about the campaign here: https://platformata.bg/…/313:1805-201…/details/campaign.html

You can support us via DMS PROLET at 17777 for all Bulgarian mobile operators, more info here: https://goo.gl/2anuiK

The second Green Balkans campaign is for the Lesser Kestrel:

We have realized an ambitious conservation project for the restoration of an extinct species - the Lesser Kestrel - one of the most successful projects in Bulgarian nature conservation. As a result of over 6 years of hard work, our team managed to import nearly 600 birds from Spain, breed over 150 birds into the wild, maintain large pasture areas in the Sakar mountain, organize dozens of expeditions, deliver presentations to hundreds of children, and implement many other activities - resulting from the hard work of a large team of people. As a result, this extinct species returned in Bulgarian nature and nowadays there is an active colony of over 30 pairs in the area of Levka. This is one of the few examples for a successful restoration of an extinct species in modern conservation.

Unfortunately, currently the Green Balkans team has no dedicated funding and conservation funds for this species.

This is a problem for all citizens, because if no further efforts are made to preserve the species it is possible that it will disappear again. These small falcons feed on insects in meadows, pastures and agricultural crops and thus contribute greatly to people. Their disappearance will lead to the disappearance of their ecological function, which will affect the whole of society negatively. It will require the use of pesticides and poisons, which is not necessary when the beneficial birds are present. It will also mean that all of the resources and efforts invested in the project by the EU and the Green Balkans team would be lost.

We wish to make winter preparations before the return of these migratory falcons who are in Africa for the winter, but will come back in the spring. We have to prepare if we want them to continue to nest in the village of Levka. We would like to repare and/or replace 10 of the nests in which the rare birds breed.

We would also like to clean all other nests in the Lesser Kestrel Release and Adaptation Module. We wish to create a volunteer "brigade" with 20 volunteers to support the Module, including cleaning, repainting and other activities.

We would like to involve local people by delivering presentations in front of nearly 100 local students and young people on the importance of preserving rare species.

We wish to put up two information signs about the species.

You can find more details about the campaign here: https://platformata.bg/…/312:1806-201…/details/campaign.html

You can also support us with a DMS SOKOL at 17777 for the three Bulgarian mobile operators. For more details: https://goo.gl/wj2wNj

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