Green Balkans has 14 days to leave the Pomorie Lake Vistor Center

Despite the stated willingness to give a reasonable time to the Green Balkans NGO to leave the Pomorie Lake Vistor Center, this Friday we received an official letter from the Pomorie Mayor giving us 14 days to vacate the Center. “This is practically not possible as moving the permanent exhibition at the Visitor Center  which Green Balkans have built over the years will cause quite a lot of damage to the exhibition and its parts,” shares Elena Stoeva from the NGO.

The Pomorie Municipality has denied the Green Balkans’ stated desire to continue to present the exhibition at the Pomorie Lake Vistior Center, even if the organization no longer manages the building. “Taking down this permanent and specially created exhibition will irreversibly damage it,” continue to emphasize from Green Balkans.

At the same time, no response has yet been received from the World Bank and other donors who funded the construction of the Center and the exhibition. Making a decision and leaving the Center without their knowledge is a legal and ethical issue, according to Green Balkans officials.

"We are currently in the middle of the active season for visitors to the Pomorie Lake and closing down the Vistior Center now is most definitely not in the public interest," added Elena Stoeva.

The annual Volunteer Work Brigade on Pomorie Lake organized by the Green Balkans is also coming up on 01-08 September. The Visitor Center is the usual base camp for organizing the activities within the work brigade and its closure would also hinder our conservation activities.

Green Balkans reiterates its appeal, which is supported by a written request to continue the management of the Center within a reasonable time, at least during the active season, or for the period they have secured funds for the Center's staff and overheads, which is at least in the next 3 years.

The Green Balkans opinion is also supported by the public, with 2 petitions, which currently have a total of nearly 1,000 signatures for the continuation of their management of the Center.

Additional information:
- Information about the two petitions in support of the Green Balkans:
- Some background information on the issue: https://greenbalkans.org/natura2000/newhorisons/en/-Green-Balkans-are-forced-to-leave-the-Pomorie-Lake-Visitor-Center-.p975
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