Green Balkans joins the celebration of the 30th birthday of Rila National Park

On 24 February 2022, Rila National Park celebrates its 30th birthday. The motto of the campaign is "30 years of Rila National Park - a challenge for future generations". Green Balkans has joined the events to celebrate the anniversary of the park by presenting the photo exhibition "Natura 2000 in Bulgaria" in the Information Centre - Panichishte.
The exhibition features beautiful photographs of protected species of animals and plants, part of the Natura 2000 ecological network. Our idea is to present our unique natural wealth to the wider public.
As a part of the celebration in the information centre of the national park in Samokov will be displayed also the exhibition of RHM - Blagoevgrad, created under the project "Museum puzzle - nature and traditions".
National parks in Bulgaria are protected areas as defined by the Protected Areas Act in Bulgaria. They are state-owned and do not include settlements, and the ecosystems are entirely of natural origin and have a wide diversity of plant and animal species and habitats. Bulgaria has 3 national parks (Rila, Pirin and Central Balkan) with a total area of 193 000 hectares.
Rila National Park is the largest of the three national parks in Bulgaria.  Its territory overlaps with two protected areas, declared under the European Directives for the conservation of birds and habitats and included in the European ecological network NATURA 2000.

One of the longest and full-flowing rivers on the Balkan Peninsula - the Maritsa - springs from the territory of the park; there are over 120 natural lakes, most of them of glacial origin. There are four Bulgarian reserves. Rila National Park is one of the largest protected areas in Europe. The two reserves "Parangalitsa" and "Marichini Lakes" are part of the world network of biosphere reserves under the UNESCO Man and Biosphere Programme, as well as Musala, the highest peak on the Balkan Peninsula. The park contains 326 Bulgarian national monuments, two of which are of global importance.
As part of the initiatives to mark the anniversary, an official ceremony will be held on 24 February 2022 in Blagoevgrad 
We take this opportunity to congratulate our colleagues from Rila National Park and wish them every success in preserving the unique natural heritage of the Park.
Additional information about Rila National Park https://bit.ly/36rQqlm

Photos by Emil Enchev and archive of Green Balkans and Rila National Park.
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